Mission: To provide eco-friendly, practical product solutions through an innovative design process structured around ecological pathways including recycling, reprocessing and biodegradation. 100% recycled/reprocessed material, products made from minimal materials and fuel possible, and can be returned to company for re-processing. Our products are designed with recycling in mind. From concept, to reality, to re-cycled good we move onto another concept and fuel another reality. Through innovative design, our re-maid products are born from re-cycled material and will parish as a recycled good. Reinventing product design through-re-innovation; we are Re-maid.

About us

Re-maid products are designed from the start to be eco-friendly through recycling-driven design. We believe that to leave the smallest carbon footprint on the planet, products should be designed for biodegradation, and ease of recycling for future renewal products. We combine material usage with renewable material needs, creating products that either biodegrade naturally, or can be re-processed and used many times over. We focus on the global picture of conserving natural resources, reducing waste and the recycling to create re-processed materials. Our innovative products preserve the processes we employ to further preserve our natural resources and keep our planet green. To fully encompass and close the loop on recycling and generating re-processed materials for use, Re-maid manufactures products from recycled material, and then recycles those same products, to create renewed products for use. Any product that we can’t recycle, will biodegrade entirely. Purchasing and using recycled products lessens the pressure put on natural resources and helps to keep functioning ecosystems intact. In addition, it saves energy and water, helps to preserve landfill space, supports recycling markets, and bolsters the economy. So not only do you need to recycle your items when you are done with them, but you need to buy the newly made recycled content products to truly support the process.